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Table Edit

Facility Level Plot Cost Products
All Gouda All Gouda1 36 ? ? City Credit Gouda Gouda
Art Gallery Art Gallery1  ?  ? ? City Credit Paintings Painting
Bed & Breakfast Bed & Breakfast1 40 ? ? City Credit Eggs Egg
Beer Garden Beer Garden1  ?  ? ? City Credit Hefeweizen Hefeweizen
Bread Basket Bread Basket1  ?  ? ? City Credit Rolls Roll
Donut Shop Donut Shop1 20 ? ? City Credit Donuts Donut
Floating Market Floating Market1 29 Shallow Water ? City Credit Tuna Tuna
Floating Restaurant Floating Restaurant1 32 Shallow Water ? City Credit Sushi Sushi
The Flowerista Flowerista1 1
(Mystery Building)
 ? 0 City Credit Bouquets Bouquet
Gym Gym1 30 ? ? City Credit Brown Ale Brown ale
Hollywood Diner Hollywood Diner1  ?  ? ? City Credit Potatoes Potato
Ice Cream Shop Ice Cream Shop1 37 ? ? City Credit Milk Milk
Pizza Palace Pizza Palace1 25 ? ? City Credit Pizza Dough Pizza dough
Ski Hut Ski Hut1 31 Snow ? City Credit Lemonade Lemonade
Smoothie Bar Smoothie Bar1  ?  ? ? City Credit Raspberries Raspberry
Spaetzle Town Spaetzle Town1 27 Mountain ? City Credit Swiss Cheese Swiss Cheese
Stadium Stadium1 34 ? ? City Credit Pilsner Pilsner
Vegetable Stand Vegetable Stand1  ?  ? ? City Credit Tomatoes Tomato
Facility Level Plot Cost Products

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