Residential Buildings are unlocked (available) by the following ways:

Metro Money Edit

Name Level Unlock
Surfer Van 3 Surfer Van1
Modern Apartment Tower 4 Modern Apartment Tower1
Box Car Flat 8 Box Car Flat1
Water Tower 13 Water Tower1
Residential Tower 18 Residential Tower1
Designer Apartment 24 Designer Apartment1
Name Level
Name Level Unlock
Alpine Lodge 28 Alpine Lodge1
Luxury Houseboat 30 Luxury Houseboat1
Golden Linings Estate 34 Golden Linings Estate1
Sky Center 40 Sky Center1
Slate Manor 47 Slate Manor1
Name Level

Events Edit

Name Event Images
Log Cabin Lumberjack Finals Log Cabin1
Haunted villa Halloween 2012 Haunted villa1
Winter Home Winterfest 2012 Winter Home1
Tenement Flea Market Tenement1
Rustic Villa Valentine's Day Rustic Villa1
Easter Lodge Easter Event Easter Lodge1
Circus Wagon Circus Fettuccine Circus Wagon1
Dream Garage Classic Car Show Dream Garage1
Name Event Image
Name Event Images
Biker Lodge Bikers' Week Biker Lodge1
Expressionist Villa Artist Week Expressionist Villa1
Fondant Palace Birthday Event Fondant Palace1
Haunted Tower Halloween 2013 Haunted Tower1
Gingerbread House Winterfest 2013 Gingerbread House1
Luxury RV Rock Fest Luxury RV1
Athletes' Dorm Wintergames 2013 Athletes' Dorm1
Athletes' Hotel Footbal Party 2013 Athletes’ Hotel1
Name Event Image

Mystery Buildings Edit

Name Season Images
Historical Family Home 1 Historical Family Home1
Modest Cottage 1 Modest Cottage1
Urban Villa 1 Urban Villa1
Nexus Apartments 2 Nexus Apartments1
Skydome House 2 Skydome House1
Name Season Image
Name Season Images
Biotower 2 Biotower1
Bohemian Cube 3 Bohemian Cube1
Pyramid of Power 3 Pyramid of Power1
Rock’n‘Roll Villa 3 Rock’n‘Roll Villa1
Name Season Image

Expansion unlock Edit

Name Images
Château Château1
Name Image

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