X-Presso was the games previous currency and was replaced March 19, 2014 by Metro Money.

While it was removed:

  1. All players are refunded with Metro Money for the existing X-Presso stocks!
  2. All X-Presso rewards (excluding barrels) are getting replaced with Metro Money-rewards!
  3. X-Presso as mastery-challenged is removed and will be replaced individually.
  4. In the academy X-Presso is replaced with Metro Money, too. As part of the new dynamics, the price is dependent on the remaining time.
  5. For instant upgrades and constructions X-Presso is replaced with Metro Money. Again, as part of the new dynamics, the price is dependent on the remaining time.
  6. Productions can be instant finished with Metro Money, the price being dependent on the remaining time as well.
  7. Moreover, X-Presso-Income is replaced with Metro Money in standard Events Rewards, Quest Rewards, Booster Packs, Special Buildings (like the Christmas Tree), Starter Packs and the Loot-o-Matic.


Metro Money is more valuable than X-Presso because it has more than just one function. X-Presso could only be used to speed up production and rent collection; while Metro Money has many more functions. Since the amount of Metro Money will increase as well, you can decide yourself on what you want to spend it.

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